Right Click Technology’s Top 10 for 2012

2012 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Computers

I, Billy Backup, hereby resolve to backup my company’s data files on a daily basis to ensure that essential business functions are uninterrupted. Debra Disaster Recovery and I will make preparations in advance to minimize loss and ensure continuity of business operations when disaster strikes.

I, Vincent Virus, hereby resolve to make sure that every computer in my company has anti-virus software installed and that the virus definitions are updated at least once a week.

I, Sam Spyware, hereby resolve to regularly scan every computer in my company for software that collects and reports information about my company to a third party without my informed consent.

I, Sally Security, hereby resolve to perform a review of my company’s security policy in order to prevent Steve Snoop and Debbie Disgruntled from having access to privileged information.

I, Ike Internet, hereby resolve to review my company’s Internet access policies and thereby keep Dave Download from spending all of his time and my bandwidth downloading old Elvis songs.

I, E. Legal, hereby resolve to conduct a software audit of my business to verify that all of my business software is legal and thereby avoid potentially huge fines for using pirated software.

I, Ned Network, hereby resolve to finally get rid of all my old 10/100 megabit hubs and replace them with 1000 megabit switches, thereby turning my company network into a speed demon.

I, Dan Defrag, hereby resolve to keep my systems running at peak efficiency by running system maintenance tools such as defrag and scandisk at least once a month.

I, Cutting-Edge Carl, hereby resolve to make the necessary investment to keep system equipment updated and running at maximum efficiency. I refuse to allow old equipment to interfere with my business success.

I, Nathaniel Need Help, hereby resolve to enlist the professional assistance of a quality IT technician when I do not have the time or skills necessary to maintain my network. I will embrace my right to expect excellence in a service that I am paying for. My technician shall respond promptly, maintain superior work ethic, fix my computer problems right the FIRST time, treat me with respect, and speak in plain English rather than in “tech talk.”

All joking aside, most businesses can greatly benefit from one or more of the above resolutions. The New Year provides business owners and practicing professionals the opportunity to improve on their operations and change their fortunes. It only takes a few small steps to make business computers more reliable and keep data safe throughout the year.

Business environments that do not have dedicated information technology staff often allow problems to accumulate until the system crashes altogether. Right Click Technology is a local IT consulting and computer service firm that provides the benefits of “in house IT” to small and medium companies. Whether you require occasional computer support or a fully managed IT solution, the expert team at Right Click Technology is behind you, on-site and on-call, to keep your information technology running smoothly.

Start the New Year out RIGHT! Schedule a FREE SECURITY AUDIT of your network ($300 value) at no cost or obligation.

The audit will:
 Check your firewall and network security
 Check for critical updates and patches
 Check your anti-virus software
 Scan for hidden spyware programs
 Check for system errors, conflicts, or other problems
 Verify your system backups

To schedule a free audit or for more information regarding Right Click Technology’s services, visit the company website online at www.rightclicktechnology.com

*Originally written by Mike Miller. Adapted with permission.

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