Getting Help When You Need It

Our clients rely on our superior “virtual help desk” for quick resolution to their daily support issues.  We offer various methods to contact our support team and obtain support.

Customer Portal
Enter and review your requests directly in the Customer Portal.  Simply go to the client login area at and login.  We record all activity related to your issues here and we share this information with you.  The Customer Portal is the best way to create new service requests as well as check on existing service requests.

Email a service request onto our Service Board.  When you send an email to the email is automatically entered on our service board and we are notified.  You should use the Customer Portal to check on your service requests.  Please do not send another email to to check on your service request; each email to that address starts a new service request.

Help us Help You.  Please include the following information in your email:

  • Good description of the problem in the body and a good summary of the problem in the email subject line.
  • Screen shot. Screen shots tell us a lot.
  • Special notes.  Special notes such as contact information, specific contact times, etc.


We want to make sure that our team’s time is used well for all clients, so we ask that you use the following guidelines for using telephone support:

1.  If your system is not accessible or you have an issue with major business impact (for example, a server down),
please call us.  For other issues, we ask that you use the custom portal ( or email

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